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Down the Rabbit Hole – Post Transplant Day – to Day 11

Once the excitement of my new birthday had passed and everyone had returned to whatever it is that they were doing I was left with plenty of time to think about what had just happened and what was going to happen in the future. I understood the “theory”. For all practicable purposes the good doctors … Continue reading »

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Day Double Zero – Transplant Day

     Happy Birthday Ron…. December 7th, 2011  Day Double Zero – Transplant Day… 2nd Try HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The whole staff cheered as the last of my stem cells were reintroduced into my body. Very, cool, I thought. It made sense. The old Ron was being rebooted and the new Ron lay ahead. Even cooler … Continue reading »

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Day 7 – Transplant day…. almost

This sure doesn’t look like a stem cell transplant To me this was day 7. To the hospital transplant team it was Day Zero, Transplant Day. This day had been pre-billed as pretty “anti-climatic”.  My day started with the regular Nurse Practitioner checking in, the nurses aid, taking vital signs and a new nurse team.  … Continue reading »

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Main Event – Day 2-5

MSKCC 835 Prepares to Dive Main Event – Days 2-5 As you might have guesses, Day 2 started back in Day 1 with a 6AM wake up call for vital signs and to hop on the scale followed by a visit by nurse practitioner and the physician team. I knew from firsts light that it … Continue reading »

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