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Day Double Zero – Transplant Day

Posted by on December 8, 2011



 Happy Birthday Ron…. December 7th, 2011

 Day Double Zero – Transplant Day… 2nd Try

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The whole staff cheered as the last of my stem cells were reintroduced into my body. Very, cool, I thought. It made sense. The old Ron was being rebooted and the new Ron lay ahead. Even cooler then that was the actual date, Dec 7, 2011.. the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor….70 years ago, this attack not only rebooted the US Navy but the entire country as well. Years ago, my son’s politically correct 1st grade teacher sent an assignment home for the kids to pick their “Favorite December Holiday” and make something and bring to class to be part of a display. I showed the December calendar to my son and asked him to pick a holiday. As luck would have it, he picked December 7th. You can imagine the looks on peoples faces as the rest of the class came in with Christmas Trees and Dradels and my son comes in with a homemade model of the USS Arizona. Funny how things work out sometimes..


Well the transplant day started off much like the day before. A nice shower, followed by a good dose of medication. The atmosphere was slightly more stressful then the day before. We had enough fun on Day 0… didn’t need a repeat on Day Double 0. My nurse for the day was Erica. She had never actually been my nurse but I knew her from the chemo part of the process where you needed 2 nurses to confirm that the correct chemo was being hung. Erica was great. Her job that morning was to be the official lemon holder. Im not exactly she what the deal was with the lemons but the preservative used with the stem cells has a bit of an odor and the lemon helped offset the smell. Im not sure about the smell part but it was nice having her there. In addition to her, all the member of the A Team(my nickname) were there as well as my wife and friend..


Just as I was just about at my emotional wits end, the Stem Cells arrived. Drum roll……. as serious as the moment might have been, I couldn’t help but break out laughing. A very serious looking nurse/NP/Doctor shows up with what looks like a Dim Sum cart. On one side was something that looked like a fondue dish with a thermometer and the other side… a $5 Igloo Cooler. All this technology came down to something I could have bought in a 7/11 on my way to the hospital.


Well… the process from there was as easy as they said it would be. I had 2 bags of cells, frozen in the Igloo. One at a time, the bags were \brought over to the warmer and thawed. The thawed cells were injected though one of the new tubes, installed the previous day. It was all over in no time. The moment the last of the cells were injected, the room cheered Happy Birthday… Wow


I don’t remember much more of the day. My wife told me I zonked out and looked like I was going to sleep for a month. I didn’t sleep a month but did wake up later in the afternoon.. me and my new cells. I guess I was still pretty zonked because I didn’t even realize that my wife had left for the day, and had not just gone to the store.


I didn’t sleep much but that didn’t matter. I was sort of getting used to it. I was looking forward to the next day. The was supposed to clear sun was supposed to be shining through my new new window.

Happy Birthday, I thought to myself… it felt pretty good

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6 Responses to Day Double Zero – Transplant Day

  1. Carol Wolf

    Happy Birthday Ron and congratulations on a successful procedure!

  2. Bob Bear

    I guess this must be Day 3 for you (Dec. 11). Based on what I went through you might not be up to writing much. I had the anonymous donor transplant, and it took a while for my body to get used to someone else’s stem cells. All worked out great in the end though. I would love to hear more about how you’re doing when you’re up to it. I’m praying for you.

  3. Laya Saul

    Ron, I’m so glad to hear this happy news. May the integration just be as smooth as can be. I hope to hear more good news and I look forward to seeing your good works in the world. Only blessings of the BEST of good health!

  4. Jim G (the heart guy)

    Ron, congrats on the rebirth! (and with your own cells no less) Just reading today (book: A Short History of Nearly Everything ) that the human body has – can you guess or see if your A-team might know?) – “how many cells?” (drum roll please – 10 quadrillion! – i.e., 10,000,000,000,000,000 – imagine that. And (more trivia) each of those 10 quadrillion cells has over a billion molecules in them, each doing thier own little thing within that individual cell. So what may seem pretty uneventful with this infusion back on Day Double Zero, really is part of an amazing divine gift we call our body/life.

    Its been too long since your last post, so just know we are all out here keepign you in our prayers and thoughts, looking for your next update when you fell up to it – while that may seem like a small isolation room there, you are not alone – its crowded with a virtual network of supporters who are following your story, so keep writing.

  5. Mick Rooney

    Congrats Ron on a successful rebirth and best belated birthday wishes. Strength and joy to you.

  6. Rendi

    I love the person I see in your blogs. Your butfeaiul heart and your brilliant mind it’s just not fair that you should also be such an incredible artist/photographer. Nobody should have that much going for them. hee hee* You’re going to do great things in this life and touch many people’s lives as you have already. Time will bring even more wisdom & experience for growth.

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