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Day 7 – Transplant day…. almost

Posted by on December 7, 2011

This sure doesn’t look like a stem cell transplant

To me this was day 7. To the hospital transplant team it was Day Zero, Transplant Day. This day had been pre-billed as pretty “anti-climatic”.  My day started with the regular Nurse Practitioner checking in, the nurses aid, taking vital signs and a new nurse team.  Transplant was scheduled for 1030AM so there was time to grab a shower and relax a bit before the big event.

After the shower it was decided to start the pre-transplant medications and change the dressing on my catheter. The drug part went fine.  They mellowed me right out. The dressing changing seemed like it was going to be pretty routine.  There was a lot of tube flushing and other nurselkke procedures and th bandage was reapplied. One small problem…. when they tried to flush the new line, I start feeling liquid. MMmmmm this doesn’t seem right. I raised my voice a few times until I had everyone’s attention. The next thing is a Doctor type appears in the room with a little bit of a puzzled look on her face. “This line isn’t connected to anything, as she pulls the whole tube out and has it dangling in her hand.

Mmmmmmmmmm again…. good thing I was on medication because this wasn’t good.  All I could think of was my cells being thawed out and no way to get them into me. The NP flew out of the room and called off that part before it happened… whew. Meanwhile I have a room full of people trying to act normal. Well that part worked… My son tells me that I looked more pissed than nervous. (Not a good poker face, I guess).  The decision was made pretty quickly to postpone the Day zero transplant, sent me down to IR to get a new catheter and do it all over on the next day…. Day Double Zero.

I will write about this more when I’m feeling a little better but I hadn’t want to keep you in suspense any longer.

Tomorrow….. Day Double Zero….

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